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Tour of The Tennessean course by clicking the holes above on the map.

Challenging by design…extraordinary by nature. From every aspect, the Tennessean Golf Club is a world class golfing experience. Every member of the staff is focused on your enjoyment. Our desire is that you have the best golf experience ever.

The Tennessean Golf Club was designed by Keith Foster, one of golf’s top designers, but only nature itself could provide the rugged terrain that makes this course truly extraordinary. Dramatic elevation changes and untouched woodlands bring exhilaration to your quest to master the game of golf.

The Principle. The best and most enjoyable golf courses here in the states and abroad, hold on to a truth. That is to escape into a wonderful setting and to play a challenging course. The Tennessean Golf Club stands on this principle. Here is a course so thoughtfully crafted that it feels as if it has always been part of the landscape. Here is a design so dynamic that it challenges both physically and mentally.